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About Us

There are thousands of tours available out there, but not much of ones that give an instant, luxury, short, affordable and informative city tours by locals within a short time. Our exclusive tour packages include a private vehicle, private guide, pickup and drop off and much more.

Apart from that we want travelers to feel the true local experience. We want them to have unique memories, besides taking pictures and sightseeing. We want them to feelas they are home - letting them to see the streets of citiesfrom local eyes; we want them to try delicious foods in unique places, learn the local culture, style of life and to combine the traveling with learning something new. We want them to feel special and experience the value of the VIP service for a regular price.

All these desires made us to open Touride to provide such values to travel community by connecting visitors with locals to experience the city like a local and feel like at home. We want to connect the world through fun activities, share common values and create one big family. So, you can think of us as your local friends in every city you visit who could show you around on a comfortable VIP ride.